Launch of MLabs at London Business School

On May 2nd, 2008, I was invited to London Business School’s launch of Labzone:

„The world’s first Management Lab is a unique initiative with an equally unique and powerful perspective. Co-founded by professor Gary Hamel, “the world’s leading expert on business strategy” (Fortune) and Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategic and International Management at London Business School, the Lab is a pioneering attempt to create a setting in which progressive companies and world-renowned management scholars work together to co-create “tomorrow’s best practices” today. The goal: to dramatically accelerate the evolution of management processes and practices that will define competitive success in the 21st century.“ (

Discussing the same topic on „how to manage the organisation 2.0 of the future?“ a couple days earlier at our Management Innovation Lab in Vienna, it was very exciting to learn directly from Alan Matcham, Director of MLabs, Professor Julian Birkinshaw, Co-founder and Research Director, and first corporate experiences with the MLabs method from Happy, UBS and Jaguar.

Professor Gary Hamel, who is Co-founder and Executive Director of the MLabs, provides a clear call for action for management innovation in his latest book „The Future of Management“, published in 2007.

We believe as well that radical change in management will be a necessity for a lot of companies in order to keep up with the fast paste of Google and co. and for survival of the next 5 years.

by Bernhard Hoetzl


“The Future of Management” (Gary Hamel, Bill Breen)

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