i promised not to talk about the iphone. But i have to.

Since 10 years i am involved into mobile busines, i have seen so many devices in recent years. I was excited about the 7110 (it was the first phone which could cool down my ear – it had a metal frame around the screen – besides it was the first WAP phone), i liked the danger concept. Well, I have seen a lot of phones coming and going, but then i really got bored. Nokia? Sony Ericsson? what happened?

until i had my own iphone. and until i had my 3G iphone in my hands. We were working on UMTS business cases, we were dreaming about the “always on” devices back in 1999… but none of the big companies could deliver a mobile internet experience. But with the iphone my mobile day is a full experience, fun and lifestyle. (ok, Steve, we have to talk about battery life….)

Apple showed us again that it is not about technology, but about customer experience and customer need orientation. The iPhone does not have any technology implementent that was new to the market. The screen, the touch screen, edge,… everything was already on the market and implemented in other phones. But Apple made the iphone smart, very smart. Congrats, apple team!

(The Iphone is the first smart phone i can imagine my mother will use. And she will like it. Come on, ONE – deliver them)


by Florian M. Stieger

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