Microwaves singing X-mas songs

20. December 2008

Most probably they have a little too much time or its suppposed to be a viral marketing video for a microwave company. watch this video . Well done!

posted by Florian M. Stieger

Building the Next Generation Company: Innovation, Talent, Excellence | MIT World

13. December 2008

Helmut F. Karner posted this link to the video from MIT World with John Chambers from Cisco. Listen & watch his and his company approach to collaboration, “the phase two of the internet” and the changes on the organisation they implemented at cisco. Enjoy!

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And the winners were…

8. December 2008

The economist, a business publication, recognises successful innovators through a yearly innovation award in eight categories. Here are this year’s winners:

  • Bioscience: Martin Evens, director of the school of biosciences and professor of mammalian genetics at Cardiff University, for his work in stem-call research and the development of “knockout” mice.
  • Business Process: Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia for the promotion of online public collaboration as means of content development.
  • Computing and Telecommunications: Matti Makkonen for the development of Short Message Service (SMS), or text messaging.
  • Consumer Products and Services: Steve Chen and Chad Hurley of YouTube for creating an easy way to share video.
  • Energy and Environment: Arthur Rosenfeld for his promotion of energy efficiency.
  • No Boundaries: Sumio Iijima for the discovery of carbon nanotubes.
  • Social and Economic Innovation: Bill Gates and Melinda Gates for developing of a philanthropic support platform.
  • Corporate Innovation: Nokia for its ability to respond tp social and technological trends while maintaining its position as the world’s largest handset-maker.


Mr Wikipedia, Source: economist.com


By Bernhard Hoetzl