Management 2.0 – Personalising Risk Management

30. March 2009

Gary Hamel, einer der besten Management-Denker unserer Zeit, hat – unzufrieden mit der Stagnation der Management-Fortschritte – das MLab gegründet.

Aus deren Zeitschrift der gute Artikel über Risk Management.

Tom Davenport hat zynisch gesagt, die Banken hätten das Risk Management “outgesourced” (an die Finanzmarktaufsichten und die Rating Agenturen). Hier wird dies bestätigt: Nur zwei von drei Risk Management Aktivitäten (die formalisierung und Externalisierung) seinen erfolgt, hier folgt ein starkes Pladoyer für die Personalisierung.


Web 2.0 advanced?

12. March 2009

have a look at this

If you are near a printer check it out and activate your webcam! Then enjoy some nice web design work!


by Florian M. Stieger

Another new G-service: Google Voice

12. March 2009

Wow, when i was at google last summer we discussed googles role in voice services…

Google is preparing to launch its latest wheeze, Google Voice – a single number that forwards calls and texts to your phone. It’s 21 months since it shelled out more than $50m for phone number aggregator Grand Central. The service will be in private beta for a week or two and then restricted to a US audience, but anyone with a business card that lists more than one phone number should take note of a simpler way of doing things. The concept is pretty simple: Google issues a phone number to the user, who configures up to six phone numbers to which calls should be forwarded. Incoming calls trigger all the configured numbers to ring, enabling the user to receive the call regardless of where they happen to be. The idea isn’t new – companies such as Yac have been offing much the same idea for a decade or so – but Google Voice will be free, and promoted by Google who have already provided videos showing of the feature set.

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ORF Bericht bei “Wie Bitte?” – Recruiting und soziale Plattformen

12. March 2009

Der ORF befragte uns zum Thema Web 2.0 und Recruiting. Gute Frage!

das Video auf youtube gibt es hier

by Florian M. Stieger

Is Your Organization Anorexic? | Stephen Shapiro

11. March 2009

Is Your Organization Anorexic? March 8, 2009 by Stephen Shapiro The President of a $1 billion company once asked me to describe his organization in one word. My response? “Anorexic.” The Vice Presidents who sat around the table nodded in agreement. They assumed that I meant there was no fat left to cut. That is not what I meant. Anorexics often have relatively “high” body fat percentages because their lean body mass erodes along with the fat. This is what many organizations have done. An an effort to cut costs, in addition to cutting fat, they also cut large amounts of lean body mass. Are you thinking [From Is Your Organization Anorexic? | Business Innovation Speaker and Consultant Stephen Shapiro]

Making a Better World – Shai Agassi

5. March 2009

Shai Agassi, previously heir apparent at SAP, has left two years ago to move as entrepreneur into the business of providing infrastructure for electric cars. An inspiring lecture at MIT world.

MIT Video

Imagine a response to oil dependence and climate change that offers people around the world a new and improved version of the car, Read the rest of this entry »

The Future Internet

5. March 2009

I attended the Forum Semantic Systems 2009 yesterday in Vienna and was inspired by keynotes by Prof. Dr. John Domingue, President STI International, Open University, UK and Mag. Wernher Behrendt Msc, Salzburg Research. Issue adressed: the IP bottleneck which will have a significant impact on the Internet as we know it. So how could the Future Internet look like? This great Video brings it to the point.

By Bernhard Hoetzl

The Obama Administration Broke Three Cardinal rules in Leadership

1. March 2009

Jack and Suzy Welch are critical about the political leadership style at all, which still trails behind businesses  leadership capabilities at their best.

What they criticize:

  1. business leaders gain nothing by showing uncertainty and indecision
  2. business leaders undermine success by talking about the risk of failure
  3. business leaders cannot indulge bureaucratic data dumpers 

 Food for thought. Does such a leadership style apply to politics? I would agree, yes!