Honda’s New CEO Is Also Chief Innovator

30. July 2009

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BusinessWeek: In an effort to stem its global slide, Honda introduces veteran engineer and R&D head Takanobu Ito to lead the automobile company.

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Ask more questions

29. July 2009

So simple, so difficult.

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The enterprise Social Media Adoption Curve

28. July 2009

aus Dion Hinchcliffe’s Blog:

Social Computing Adoption Curve

Should We Save Dying Companies?

24. July 2009

So yes, I believe that corporate failure is usually a bad thing; but I also believe that every organization must continually re-earn its right to exist—whether that’s the local high school, the US Army or General Motors. Longevity should be the reward for resilience, not the product of politically-mediated protection.

Eine Zusammenfassung zweier Eintragungen in Gary Hamel’s Blog im Wall Street Journal. Hamel Should we save dying companies

Zappos on Nightline

23. July 2009

Zappos on Nightline

… and a good insight into Zappos.

Zappos is Powered by The Empowerment of Employees

23. July 2009

AmazonTony-Hsieh-at-SXSW-09-Sunni-Brown company announced on Wednesday that it will buy Zappos for about $807 million in stock and will pay $40 million in cash and stock to Zappos employees.
The deal is expected to close this fall.

Zappos is one of my favorite company regarding HRM and innovation.
Under the leadership of Tony Hsieh, this organisational culture has become a pillar of strength for the company. Zappos has an army of employees who believe in the company’s core values and deliver “WOW” customer service. This is the prime reason for the company’s repeat purchasers (who are about 75% of Zappos’ clients) and word-of-mouth marketing.

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Radical Paradigm Shifts

22. July 2009

This great cartoon was posted on Facebook yesterday – creator unknown. Something to laugh and seriously reflect about.