Move over Enterprise 2.0, it’s now Social Business Design

22. September 2009

geläutert 4 Wochen später?

September 21st, 2009  by Dennis Howlett

Given the relatively friendly pounding I took over my Enterprise 2.0 – what a crock post, it’s gratifying to see that it has stirred some interesting interpretations and thoughts on the topic. That’s always good and especially pleasing when one considers that most blog posts are the equivalent of digital fish wrap: something that’s readily disposable and as forgettable as yesterday’s news. But all frivolity aside, this is a serious business, one that is consuming a lot of cycles and will be chewing up much consulting time as different firms make plays in this space. I’d hate to think user companies are wasting their money along the way when there are so many important things driving IT’s attention. The good  news is that at last, a few well intentioned people have moved the conversation forward to something I can understand, even though I remain far from convinced. Read the rest of this entry »

Enterprise 2.0: what a crock (“alter Hut”)

22. September 2009

by Dennis Howlett (allerdings schon vom 26/8)

I’ve been following the so-called Enterprise 2.0 meme for some time and you know what? It’s a crock. Forget Dion Hinchcliffe’s pretty failure pictures or Mike Krigsman’s guest post of failure. Examine the basics and look back at history.

Some years back I was a hack attending an IDC (I think) conference where Western Digital presented their use of forums as a way of getting customer feedback on what they were offering plus improvements they could make. At the time it was deemed a success. No-one bothered calling it Enterprise 2.0 or anything close. It was part of doing business. Fast forward to the present. We’re regaled with reasons to ‘do’ the E2.0 thing. But what has changed out there in enterprisey land?

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