How the Web OS has begun to reshape IT and business

15. September 2009

September 6th, 2009  by Dion Hinchcliffe @ 9:01 am

These days in the halls of IT departments around the world there is a growing realization that the next wave of outsourcing, things like cloud computing and crowdsourcing, are going to require responses that will forever change the trajectory of their current relationship with the business, or finally cause them to be relegated as a primarily administrative, keep-the-lights-on function.

IT is going to either have to get more strategic to the business or get out of the way.

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Inside Procter & Gamble’s New Values-Based Strategy

15. September 2009

14. September 2009, 18:18:29 | Rosabeth Moss Kanter

On the anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ fall, the question remains: What, if anything, has changed in the mentality of the financial community? While Wall Street wallows in tales of the fallen, a different, more promising approach to capitalism is rising.

Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest consumer products company, has just announced a stunning new business strategy to jump-start growth. It begins in a startling, almost counterintuitive way — with company values and sense of purpose. Invoke the heart and care about human needs, the strategy seems to say, and the money will follow.

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Betting on the Real-Time Web

13. September 2009

thumb_46tweetexplosionNo one knows how the microblogging site and similar online social networks will make money, but investors see a new Web revolution.

Interessanter Artikel aus der Business Week. BWAugust 6_2009 Betting on the Real-time Web