Women and the Uneasy Embrace of Power

10. August 2010

 HBR Blog, 11:15 AM Wednesday August 4, 2010

by Jeffrey Pfeffer  |

Although women now attend college at a higher rate than men, and have for the most part closed the gap in achieving advanced and professional degrees, women are not occupying the real power positions in corporations, academia, or the professions in anywhere near the same proportions as men.Catalyst, among many other organizations, bemoans this reality. The fact of the underrepresentation of women at the top begs the question of why. One part of the answer is women’s reluctance to embrace power. Read the rest of this entry »


The Hurd Mentality: HP’s Mark Hurd and the Big Traps in Small Lapses

10. August 2010

 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Blog, 10:15 AM Monday August 9, 2010  |

The news is astonishing. HP’s high-performing CEO Mark Hurd has been ousted for what seems, from news reports, to be a modest amount of expense account fudging associated with a relationship with a contractor that he apparently wanted to keep secret. With Hurd’s mega-million dollar compensation, he could have afforded to pay for the $1000-20,000 in expenses out of his own pocket in the first place, a gesture that he offered to make later in lieu of resigning. But he didn’t. Undoubtedly additional facts will be revealed in coming days. Meanwhile, this situation raises a important question: How can very smart, accomplished people do such stupid things? Read the rest of this entry »