Creating Clarity with Big Data, or the Blessings of a Deluge [download]

Date: 19-06-2012

Source: Sogeti by Jaap Bloem

Download the report (pdf), participate in the discussion and help us create clarity! 

Data, data and more data!

Approximately forty years after the beginning of the information era, all eyes are now on its basis: digital data. This may not seem very exciting, but the influx of various data types, plus the speed with which the trend will continue, probably into infinity, is certainly striking. Data, data and more data: we are at the centre of an expanding data universe, full of undiscovered connections. This is not abstract and general, but rather specific and concrete, as each new insight may be the entrance to a gold mine.

In our initial research report on Big Data, the first of four, we give answers to questions concerning what exactly Big Data is, where it differs from existing data classification, how the transformative potential of Big Data can be estimated, and what the current situation is with regard to adoption and planning.

Creating clarity

VINT attempts to create clarity in these developments by presenting experiences and visions in perspective: objectively and laced with examples. But not all answers, not by a long way, are readily available. Indeed, more questions will arise ­ about the road map, for example, that you wish to use for Big Data. Or about governance. Or about the way you may have to revamp your organization. About the privacy issues that Big Data raises, such as those involving social analytics. And about the structures that new algorithms and systems will probably bring us.

Exchanging thoughts

The new data focus is a quest involving many issues, at the start of and certainly during the entire journey. That is why we will be pleased to exchange thoughts with you: online, at, and in personal conversations, of course. By actively participating in the discussion, you can help yourself and us to sharpen ideas with respect to Big Data; to come to progressive insights for taking lucid and responsible decisions. In this way, we jointly determine the concrete substantiation of the coming three research reports after this kick-off on the topic of Big Data.

For inspiration, we have included seven questions to which we would very much like to receive a response or, rather, your opinion. You can click on the relevant buttons in the PDF version of this document. You will then be directly transported to the discussion in question.

We also invite you to check out our video on unlocking the predictive power of the web. Big Data might be the next industrial revolution but what would you do if you could know it all?

View video at:

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