MBAs: Schools answer call for big data experts

17. July 2013

Date: 17-07-2013
Source: The Financial Times

Clive Holtham: ‘Value of big data less than being claimed’

Consumer industries are amassing huge data sets, highlighting the importance of choosing the right analytical models to help make commercial decisions.
Analysing data is a straightforward matter for statisticians or engineers, but not for many executives. As a result there is demand for more commercially savvy IT professionals, known as data scientists, and business schools are responding to this call.

Imperial College London recently announced a research partnership with Chinese telecoms company Huawei in July. Backed by the UK government, academic and business experts will work together to develop technologies that utilise “big data” – the term used to describe masses of information harvested from commercial activities, social media and other sources.

Another sign of the times can be seen at University of Oxford Saïd Business School, which has added a big data module to its MBA programme. This is taught through an online platform called “Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford”, and aims to help students learn how to ask questions of the data that will help an organisation to prosper. Read the rest of this entry »