What Every Company Should Know About Agile Software Development

8. July 2014

Date: 08-07-2014
Source: Technology Review

Does your company make medical devices? How about cars? Or appliances? Or mobile applications? Do you have an external website?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then your company is a software company. As more and more businesses enter this category, the adoption of agile software development practices is becoming mainstream—and not just in the high-tech sector. Across industries, businesses are realizing that, even if their only foray into software is a corporate website, that software is the organization’s public face—and increasingly so, in this digital age of ours. Best to make a good first impression.

Agile software development is no longer a “bleeding-edge” approach. Nor does it mean that a bunch of rogue coders are riding roughshod over the roadmaps, timelines, and standards that are very real for businesses. In fact, the agile software approach requires a cultural embrace and commitment from the corner office all the way to the smallest cubicle.

Agile’s value is well-documented. The approach has helped teams at both large enterprises and small startups deliver high-quality software—on time—for more than a decade. If your organization is not already employing agile software development practices, now is the time to adopt them to maintain a competitive edge and deliver the best possible products to customers.

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