Dr. Doris Drucker, 1911 – 2014

Doris Schmitz Drucker,Doris Drucker the widow of Peter F. Drucker, passed away peacefully on October 1, aged 103. Our thoughts are with her daughters, her son and her grandchildren.

Doris Drucker’s endorsement was essential for the launch of the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna as an annual event. Doris made it clear to us from the outset that she did not want to see the Forum in a memorial capacity for Peter Drucker but rather as building on his thinking and moving beyond it – in view of the new challenges of our time. As a visible support to our endeavours she accepted in 2012 to become the Honorary President of the Peter Drucker Society Europe. We are deeply grateful to her for the trust she put in us.

Please find below the links to the tribute for Doris by the Drucker School and the Drucker Institute, the video with her acclaimed speech at the Centennial Drucker Forum in 2009 in Vienna and the opening messages to the Forums 2011, 2012, 2013.

We will miss Doris. However, her encouragement and her commitment to a genuine human oriented management philosophy as envisioned by Peter Drucker will continue to inspire us.

Richard Straub
Peter Drucker Society Europe


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