Higher Education: Apocalypse Now?

4. July 2015

Date: 04-07-2015
Source: ParisTech Review

Digital technology is revolutionizing higher education with increased globalization, student enrollment and privatization. Digital technology may be more revolutionary than the printing press in that it “not only disrupts the dissemination of knowledge, but also its production,” report the editors of ParisTech Review. “This double effect is precisely what disrupts the economic balance of the sector.” The knowledge base of any industry or profession is available online. Colleges can expect intense competition. The editors anticipate museums, libraries, broadcasters and corporations to also produce MOOCs – massive open online courses. “The emergence of new private actors may tempt governments whose public finances have suffered from the financial crisis, leading them to pull back from the education sector,” notes the article. Libraries could lose to huge centralized databases. Lifelong learning will expand, and analysts anticipate systems to emphasize a combination of teachers with digital resources. – YaleGlobal

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