How Target Knew a High School Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Parents Did

21. February 2012

Date: 21-02-2012
Source: TIME

In Charles Duhigg’s new piece for the New York Times, a father finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to apologize to a Target employee. Earlier he had stormed into a store near Minneapolis and complained to the manager that his daughter was receiving coupons for cribs and baby clothes in the mail.

Turns out Target knew his daughter better than he did. She really was pregnant.

It was a fact Target had obtained after carefully collecting information about her. The company, like many others, assigns each shopper a unique Guest ID. Every time you buy toilet paper with a credit card, visit its website, fill out a survey or, really, interact with the retailer in any way, Target assigns this information to that ID. Read the rest of this entry »