Too Many Hamburgers?

22. September 2010

  Date: 22-09-2010
To visit China today as an American is to compare and to be compared. And from the very opening session of this year’s World Economic Forum here in Tianjin, our Chinese hosts did not hesitate to do some comparing. China’s CCTV aired a skit showing four children — one wearing the Chinese flag, another the American, another the Indian, and another the Brazilian — getting ready to run a race. Before they take off, the American child, “Anthony,” boasts that he will win “because I always win,” and he jumps out to a big lead. But soon Anthony doubles over with cramps. “Now is our chance to overtake him for the first time!” shouts the Chinese child. “What’s wrong with Anthony?” asks another. “He is overweight and flabby,” says another child. “He ate too many hamburgers.”

That is how they see us. Read the rest of this entry »

Book Review der neuesten Business Bücher

8. March 2010

aus H.F. Karner’s vierteljährlichem Beitrag in der slowenischen Manager-Zeitschrift “Zdruzenje”.

Über Organisation, Finanzwirtschaft, Innovation, Enterprise 2.0 und Innovationen im Gesundheitssystem.

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#SiliconValley2009: 12 Features of an Advanced High Tech Entrepreneurial Habitat

6. October 2009

We were honored to meet Prof. William Miller, Stanford University, on our FUNKENSPRUNG Silicon Valley Discovery Tour this morning.


Prof. Miller who has been a pioneer in the Valley from its early days on gave a fantastic lecture about History and Development of Silicon Valley.

To understand what makes Silicon Valley such an exceptional place for innovation and entrepreneurship by learning about the history and development of the Silicon Valley and the habitat for innovation and entrepreneurship. Who were the major players, individuals and institutions.? What was the role of universities, governments, and private industry? Why has Silicon Valley been able to keep reinventing itself? Could it have happened at any other place in the USA or in the world? Answers to this and many more questions will be discussed and first hand background will be provided by one of these pioneers.



Beppe Grillo sulla Economia

30. September 2009

Beppe Grillo ist wohl Italiens berühmtester Kabarettist, stark auch engagiert für eine Neuorganisation der Linken in Italien.

Er hat seinen ausgezeichneten  Blog

Grillo_economiaAus diesem der Link zum Video über den Zustand der italienischen Wirtschaft. Wenn Sie italienisch können, ein Muss!

Eric Schmidt on technology, innovation & the global economy

29. September 2009


Some interesting statements:

Eric Schmidt speaks at a forum jointly hosted by Google and the Pittsburgh Technology Council on September 23, 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA.

We are looking forward to visit Google next week in Mountain View!

Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen

20. June 2009


Hans Rosling, doctor, researcher and global health professor, is looking at some of the world’s most important statistics in a very exciting way.

The New New Economy: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity

27. May 2009


So now, in the graveyard of giants, it’s worth asking: Was Malone right? Was his age of nimble mammals simply delayed by the final march of corporate dinosaurs into the tar pits?

This crisis is not just the trough of a cycle but the end of an era. We will come out not just wiser but different.

Read the full article by Chris Anderson, Wired’s editor in chief.