GfP – Management Innovation Workbench

19. May 2008


On April 28, 2008, GfP and FUNKENSPRUNG hosted a workbench discussion forum regarding Management Innovation:

Organisation 2.0 – Sustainable creation of value by an innovative organisation

You can’t build a company that is fit for the future unless you build a company that is fit for human beings!“

Gary Hamel – “the world’s leading expert on business strategy” (Fortune magazine ) and “the world’s reigning strategy guru” (The Economist) – in his latest bestseller “The Future of Management”, HBSP, 2007.

Companies that don’t innovate die! This radical statement is supported by strong efforts to innovate by most companies. In areas such as product and process innovation or strategic planning, innovation management has developed and tremendously improved over the last couple years – keyword “Open Innovation”. But what has happened to innovations in management practice itself? What role place management innovation within the innovation stack? How innovative must the company of the future be organized and lead? What is the role of employers and employees in such an innovation environment?

Those were just a few questions we discussed in an open form at our workbench.

“Die Presse” summed it up very nicely on May 10, 2008 – not much to add:


Pictures from the evening.

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by Bernhard Hoetzl