The Hurd Mentality: HP’s Mark Hurd and the Big Traps in Small Lapses

10. August 2010

 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Blog, 10:15 AM Monday August 9, 2010  |

The news is astonishing. HP’s high-performing CEO Mark Hurd has been ousted for what seems, from news reports, to be a modest amount of expense account fudging associated with a relationship with a contractor that he apparently wanted to keep secret. With Hurd’s mega-million dollar compensation, he could have afforded to pay for the $1000-20,000 in expenses out of his own pocket in the first place, a gesture that he offered to make later in lieu of resigning. But he didn’t. Undoubtedly additional facts will be revealed in coming days. Meanwhile, this situation raises a important question: How can very smart, accomplished people do such stupid things? Read the rest of this entry »